Oil Business Services


In OBS our priority is to provide efficient and on-time services that meet your specific needs and to support you to achieve your goals.
Our dedicated team seeks improved alternatives, creating unique solutions. We are aware of the responsibility that we provide to our customers, and honor to work with commitment in order to achieve established results.
Our services range from the development of comprehensive projects to solve specific tasks that require of our products and advices.
OBS provides engineering in all fields. Through a detailed study, we identify needs in order to design solutions focused on quality and fulfillment.

We performed a thorough study of all fixed costs, direct and indirect variables as well as other costs that may arise in projects, allowing the client to make decisions that ensure profitability.

We perform a thorough financial, economic and social analysis of investment to ensure the viability of every project.

After understanding the specific needs of our customers, we design different alternative solutions which are valued under technical, economic, social, safety and environmental criteria; along with the customer´s decision for a more convenient alternative.
Criteria Analysis allows us to ensure customer profitability in order to protect their investment.

During this stage we develop a selected and conceptual engineering alternative, in order to estimate the total amount of investment with an accuracy of about 15% establishing among other things:
• Overall dimensions of the system.
• Construction stages.
• Calculation of global budgets per item.

In order to obtain results in a degree of precision allowing a decision making process that favors the interests of our clients.

In this final stage of project design, we develop all technical documentation necessary for the construction and installation of all areas of expertise involved in the project, considering technical, economic and legal aspects.
In this way we deliver engineering design to ensure project success and customer satisfaction.